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Cocteau Twins

Pink Opaque

Pink Opaque

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Format: LP (2 disc)

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Cocteau Twins: Elizabeth Frazer (vocals); Robin Guthrie (guitar); Simon Raymonde, Will Heggie (bass).
After having built up a considerable reputation in the U.K. and Europe, the Cocteaus first fully reached America via this compilation, cherry-picking some of the group's finest moments for this trans-Atlantic co-release between home label 4AD and then-stateside label Relativity. None of the ten tracks had been released in America before, but whoever assembled the release knew exactly what they were doing in terms of whetting appetites. The only absolute rarity on the disc was "Millimillenary," originally turning up on a compilation tape given away by New Musical Express. It's a fine number, recorded soon after Raymonde joined the group -- a good mix of the Cocteaus' instrumental lushness and Fraser's vocal acrobatics. The version of Garlands' "Wax and Wane" included here is slightly remixed and arguably even better than the original, bringing out everything a little more clearly and powerfully. A sage decision was the inclusion of all three tracks from the Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops EP; as flawless as that was, all deserved inclusion, while beginning the compilation with "The Spangle Maker" was also inspired. Other cuts include "Hitherto," "From the Flagstones," "Lorelei," and the then-recent single "Aikea-Guinea." Concluding with the similarly album-ending "Musette and Drums" from Head Over Heels, The Pink Opaque is a lovely taster for anyone wanting to discover the peerless early years of the Cocteaus. ~ Ned Raggett


Disc 1:
1 - Spangle Maker
2 - Millimillenary
3 - Wax and Wane [Remixed]
4 - Hitherto
5 - Pearly-Dewdrops [7" Version]
Disc 2:
1 - From the Flagstones
2 - Aikea-Guinea
3 - Lorelei
4 - Pepper-Tree
5 - Musette and Drums