Collection: Vinyl Pressing & Fulfillment for Artists

We offer vinyl pressing for artists!  We also offer fulfillment services (pick / pack / ship), e-commerce retail, marketing and customer service to sell your vinyl. 

Choose the ideal package for what you need or contact us at for a custom quote.

InnerSleeve is your all-in-one solution to manufacture and offer vinyl to your fans!

Artist Spotlight

InnerSleeve recently pressed vinyl for artist Held By Trees with their latest music release Eventide / Solace - Live at Real World.

"Pressing vinyl with InnerSleeve was a smooth and easy process. The team was a joy to work with and they not only pressed our vinyl, but they also helped with marketing, pick/pack/ship as well as customer service. I highly recommend them to handle all your vinyl and fulfillment needs." - David Joseph (Held By Trees)

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