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James Newton Howard/Hans Zimmer

Dark Knight [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Dark Knight [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Composers: James Newton Howard; Hans Zimmer .
Loaded with high energy and high tension, the follow-up to the 2005 blockbuster BATMAN BEGINS is sure to thrill even the skeptics. Once again the music is handled by the dynamic duo of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Each composer's individual skill selects one aspect of the dark duality of the Batman character; Zimmer's action-savvy boisterousness is mostly tempered by Howard's brooding, introverted theming. Add to this the sinister scoring for the Joker's chaotic character, and an explosive, nail-biting score begins to emerge.


1 - Harvey Two-Face
2 - Watch The World Burn
3 - Like A Dog Chasing Cars
4 - Why So Serious?
5 - Aggressive Expansion
6 - Dark Knight
7 - I'm Not A Hero
8 - I Am The Batman
9 - Always A Catch
10 - And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
11 - Blood On My Hands
12 - Agent Of Chaos
13 - Little Push
14 - Introduce A Little Anarchy