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Cock Sparrer

Shock Troops

Shock Troops

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Format: LP

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All tracks have been digitally remastered.
Cock Sparrer's second album, but their first to actually see the light of day, was released in 1983, following their revitalization as progenitors of the Oi! movement. It's a brittle and, in places, brutal offering, although it's tragic that its best-known cut, "England Belongs to Me," was co-opted by the right wing, at a time when rock journalism was seriously beginning to examine the links between Oi! and the Fascist movement. Cock Sparrer were tarred and feathered accordingly, and the band's reputation still bears the unjust scars. But, away from that controversy, Shock Troops leaves you in no doubt as to where its allegiances lie, politically and musically -- this is Oi! par excellence, with at least half its contents standing proud among the band's finest moments, while the Captain Oi reissue adds a string of equally crucial bonus tracks. Welcome back! ~ Dave Thompson