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Ingrid Michaelson

Everybody [Limited Edition] [White Vinyl]

Everybody [Limited Edition] [White Vinyl]

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Format: LP

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For nearly three years, Ingrid Michaelson toured in support of GIRLS AND BOYS, a popular release whose songs popped up everywhere from Old Navy commercials to prime-time TV sitcoms. Michaelson was similarly omnipresent, opening for the likes of Jason Mraz in Europe while headlining her own shows at home. It's appropriate, then, that 2009's EVERYBODY--her first album as a genuine star-- amplifies all the elements that made GIRLS AND BOYS endearing. Michaelson is no longer a part-time waitress with a songwriting habit; she's a seasoned road veteran, acutely aware of what it takes to invest her audience, and EVERYBODY often plays like a greatest-hits album. The lovelorn ballads which comprised the bulk of GIRLS AND BOYS occupy less space here, and the ones that do make the final cut are smartly laced with strings and layered guitar. There's a sweeping feeling to such songs, a sense of grandeur that was lost in the intimate, minimalist performances of Michaelson's debut. Perennial live favorite "The Chain" also makes an appearance, having previously dotted the track list of Ingrid's stopgap release BE OK, and its climatic refrain points to the singer's ability to turn a slow ballad into something grand. Even so, EVERYBODY's strongest assets are its upbeat pop numbers. Michaelson has graduated from the coffeehouse to the concert hall, after all, and tracks like "Soldier," with its deliberate phrasing and neo-military percussion, aim for the cheap seats at the back of a venue. "Everybody," a campfire singalong fueled by strummed ukulele, could be the female answer to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," while "Mountain and the Sea" is nothing short of irresistible, its handclapped rhythm and buoyant chorus combining to create Michaelson's strongest tune to date.


1 - Soldier
2 - Everybody
3 - Are We There Yet
4 - Sort Of
5 - Incredible Love
6 - Chain
7 - Mountain and the Sea
8 - Men of Snow
9 - So Long
10 - Once Was Love
11 - Locked Up
12 - Maybe