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Trigger Hippy

Trigger Hippy

Trigger Hippy

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Format: LP (2 disc)

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Nashville's Trigger Hippy are a supergroup of sorts, with two strong vocalists, Joan Osborne and Jackie Greene, both of whom have prosperous solo careers of their own, and a back line that includes Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman and first-call Nashville session guitarist Tom Bukovac. Throw in strong group songwriting, and one has a roots rock powerhouse that sounds a bit like the Black Crowes backing up Delaney & Bonnie, with a strong R&B and soul feel, all filtered through a dose of hard country and Southern rock. The group's self-titled debut on Rounder Records opens with the delightful "Rise Up Singing," a Greene original, and holds that same warm, soulful feel throughout the whole set, with Osborne and Greene trading off vocals and verses song to song like so much honey and smoke. "Tennessee Mud," "Pretty Mess" (written by the group's bassist, Nick Govrik, another Nashville session cat), and the country-by-way-of-Stax "Dry County" are all standouts here, with sharp, warm playing and vocals to die for, all of which makes this debut stand up well against the supergroup hype that is bound to rain down on Trigger Hippy. There's little doubt that there's a lot of talent here, but the group's real hurdle will be in keeping it all together in the face of the other projects and commitments its members have on their plates. That's the problem with supergroups, but for now at least, Trigger Hippy have delivered a fine album of vintage Southern roots rock. What happens next may have as much to do with recording and touring schedules as it does with any concerns about creative chemistry, which this band has in spades. ~ Steve Leggett


Disc 1:
1 - Rise Up Singing
2 - Turpentine
3 - Heartache on the Line
4 - Cave Hill Cemetery
5 - Tennessee Mud
6 - Pretty Mess
Disc 2:
1 - Pocahontas
2 - Dry County
3 - Nothing New
4 - Ain’t Persuaded Yet
5 - Adelaide