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Salvia Plath

Bardo Story

Bardo Story

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Format: LP

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Salvia Plath used to be Run DMT. Same guy (Michael Collins) running the show, but with a different sound. Where Run DMT was lo-fi and took weird chances that sometimes obscured the inherent melodic quality in the songs, Salvia Plath is more considered and hazily psychedelic in a way that helps the songs sink deeply into the listener's consciousness. On their debut LP, The Bardo Story, Collins and a handful of musicians craft folky, freaky sounds that blend acoustic guitars, wobbly drum kits, various keyboards, flutes, and some jangly electric guitars into a mix that makes up in suitably trippy and interesting sounds what it might lack in fidelity. It's a completely organic sound that's very rich and filling, so much so that, even if the songs were dogs, the album would still be good for low-volume background music. Luckily, Collins is adept at writing simple but hooky melodies that float over the songs gracefully and memorably. His voice won't win any talent shows anytime soon, but he delivers the words in a simple and true manner than Neil Young would understand, and the massed backing vocals that bolster him from time to time help quite a bit. While most of the record slots into a laid-back, stoned-out vibe, there are a few moments of inspired oddness that give the record an extra dimension. Chief among them is the short instrumental interlude "Stranded," which features some fine whistling and comes across as an outtake from a Morricone score. Almost as impressive is the slowed-down caveman crawl (with Velvets-style viola drones) of the record's title track. Juxtaposed with the cheerfully sunny pop of "This American Life" and "Phased," as well as the singer/songwriter psych that fills out the album, the end result is a fully rounded album that totally works no matter where the band may roam. There may be a bunch of bands traveling the same psychedelic back roads as Salvia Plath, but Collins and company ride with style. ~ Tim Sendra


1 - Intro
2 - Salvia Plath
3 - Interlude
4 - House of Leaves
5 - Stranded
6 - Bardo States
7 - This American Life
8 - Carly’s Theme
9 - Phased
10 - Pondering
11 - Hidden Track
12 - Last Night At the Theatre
13 - Further Outro