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Margo Guryan

Take a Picture

Take a Picture

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Format: LP

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Personnel: Margo Guryan (vocals); John Hill (guitar); Kirk Hamilton (flute, bass); Phil Bodner (oboe); Paul Griffin (keyboards); Buddy Saltzman (drums).
Producers: John Hill, John Simon, David Rosner.
Engineers: Fred Catero, Glen Kolotkin, Lou Waxman.
Originally released on Bell Records. Includes liner notes by David Rosner.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
Sometimes when an adored cult obscurity is reissued, it becomes clear that a lot (if not all) of its mystique was due to its rarity. However, this time the buzz is justified: TAKE A PICTURE is a 1960s soft-pop masterpiece. The sound is a delightful collision, with surprisingly funky electric piano and Steve Cropper-style guitar leads dueling over prominent, clunky drums and unobtrusive orchestrations. Over it all, Guryan's breathy overdubbed vocals--her wispy, wobbily-pitched babytalk style was clearly heavily influenced by bossa nova pioneer Astrud Gilberto, who covered this album's dreamy "Think of Rain"--give the album its most attractive feature.
Guryan is as accomplished a songwriter as she is a singer; her main influences seem to be Antonio Carlos Jobim and Bacharach/David, and that combination of bossa nova and sleek pop sophistication is the watchword. Sweetly poppy, lightly jazzy, and completely irresistible, this is sunshine pop at its finest.