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Foxboro Hot Tubs

Stop Drop and Roll!!!

Stop Drop and Roll!!!

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Format: LP

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Rumor has it that the Foxboro Hot Tubs are actually the members of Green Day hiding behind an obscure moniker. Whether true or not, the Foxboro Hot Tubs play a rousing brand of poppy garage rock that isn't all that far away from Green Day's early music-a punk-pop concoction long on punchy, guitar-driven melodies and short on pretension. As heard on the infectious lead single "Mother Mary," STOP DROP AND ROLL! is indebted to 1960s British Invasion (early Kinks and the Who percolate beneath the surface), and classic American garage rock, making for a disc that's familiar, fun, and endlessly playable.


1 - Stop Drop and Roll!!
2 - Mother Mary
3 - Ruby Room
4 - Red Tide
5 - Broadway
6 - She's a Saint Not a Celebrity
7 - Sally
8 - Alligator
9 - Pedestrian
10 - 27th Ave Shuffle
11 - Dark Side of Night
12 - Pieces of Truth