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Format: 10 inch LP (2 disc)

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Godstar: Nic Dalton (vocals, guitar, tin whistle, Farisa organ, Mellotron, bass, drums); Alison Galloway (vocals, bass, drums); Tom Morgan (vocals, guitar); Bob Weston, Rachael King (bass); Evan Dando (drums); Robyn St. Clare (background vocals).
Engineers include: Sean Slade, Lou Giordano, Jeff Gordon.
Recorded at Fort Apache, North Cambridge, Massachusetts from August to October 1992 and Sun & Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia.
The full-length debut by Australia's Godstar -- really just a cover name for singer/songwriter Nic Dalton and whoever else happens to be in the room with him at the time -- was recorded in Boston with Lemonheads buddy Evan Dando (Dalton was temporarily the Lemonheads' bassist at the time), and homeland compatriots Tom Morgan and Alison Galloway (of Smudge), with guest shots by Volcano Suns' Bob Weston and the Hummingbirds' Robyn St. Clare and Rachael King. Unlike a lot of supergroup-style projects, however, the focus remains entirely on Dalton through these 14 songs. His affably plain punk-pop voice is at the focus of most of these songs (although Galloway and Morgan both step up to the mic a couple times), which speed by in a couple minutes each on a wave of distorted guitars and righteously sloppy drumming. What makes Godstar different is that Dalton is both a skilled melodicist and a smart lyricist, in an offhand but never half-baked way. The songs are unpretentious but extremely catchy, and Sleeper basically sounds like what might have happened if Dando's drug problem hadn't interfered so much with his songwriting. "Bad Bad Implications," in particular, really deserved to be a hit. ~ Stewart Mason


Disc 1:
1 - Ersatz
2 - Bad Bad Implications
3 - Little Bit About
4 - Single
5 - Everything You Give Me Breaks
6 - Wigram
7 - Forgotten Night
8 - Lie Down Forever
9 - Brightest Star
10 - Had the Time of My Life
11 - Stranger
12 - Days Gone By
13 - Something Unplanned
14 - Every Now and Again
Disc 2: