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Sci-Fi Lullabies

Sci-Fi Lullabies

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Format: LP (3 disc)

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SCI-FI LULLABIES is a collection of rare tracks and b-sides largely unavailable in the U.S.
The London Suede: Brett Anderson (vocals); Bernard Butler (guitar, keyboards); Richard Oakes (guitar); Mat Osman (electric bass); Simon Gilbert (drums).
Producers: Ed Buller, Bruce Lampcov, Ian Caple.
Engineers include: Miti.
Normally, a collection of B-sides would mean instrumentals and sloppy covers that only fan club members would find listenable. The London Suede, however, takes a different approach. Every track on SCI-FI LULLABIES is substantive and distinctive enough to have been a single. Consequently, SCI-FI LULLABIES feels like a best-of, rather than a compilation of cast-offs.
Kicking off with the raw drama of "My Insatiable One" (which Morrissey has covered in concert), SCI-FI LULLABIES traces the band's history from its media-darling inception through their third album COMING UP. Throughout this retrospective, vocalist Brett Anderson shines through consistently, weaving tales of urban discontent, decrying the cruelty and pointlessness of life at the century's close. From the haunting beauty of "My Dark Star" to the gentle shuffle of "Modern Boys," the work of glam guitar maestro Bernard Butler is well represented. His departure in 1994 may have spelled the end to some, but the passion and bombast of such post-Butler tunes as "Have You Ever Been This Low" and "Europe Is Our Playground" quickly dispel any naysayers and demand that these songs be taken seriously.


Disc 1:
1 - My Insatiable One
2 - To the Birds
3 - Where the Pigs Don't Fly
4 - He's Dead
5 - Big Time
6 - High Rising
7 - Living Dead
8 - My Dark Star
9 - Killing of a Flash Boy
Disc 2:
1 - Whipsnade
2 - Modern Boys
3 - Together
4 - Bentswood Boys
5 - Europe Is Our Playground
6 - Every Monday Morning Comes
7 - Have You Ever Been This Low?
8 - Another No One
9 - Young Men
10 - Sound of the Streets
Disc 3:
1 - Money
2 - WSD
3 - This Time
4 - Jumble Sale Mums
5 - These Are the Sad Songs
6 - Sadie
7 - Graffiti Women
8 - Duchess