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Saw Delight

Saw Delight

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Format: LP

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Can: Michael Karoli (vocals, guitar, electric violin); Irmin Scmidt (vocals, keyboards); Holger Czukay (vocals, synthesizer); Rosko Gee (vocals, bass); Jaki Liebezeit (vocals, drums); Reebop Kwaku Baah (vocals, percussion).
Recorded at Inner Space Studio, Weilerswist, Germany in 1977.
Can's final album to feature Holger Czukay; the remaining members would make two more, OUT OF REACH and CAN, before splitting in 1979. 1977's SAW DELIGHT is also the album which introduces bassist Rosko Gee and percussionist Reebop Kwaku Baah, two ex-members of Traffic whose backgrounds in jazz and African music fundamentally changed Can's sound.
While the group was always attuned to the nuances of rhythm, the entrance of Gee and Kwaku Baah took this interest to new and intoxicating heights. These songs, especially the cut-up electronics of "Animal Waves," benefit greatly from the heightened fluidity and rhythmic tension of the new, more powerful rhythm section. It's hard to say what's truly the greatest Can record, but SAW DELIGHT--bad title pun and all--is clearly a strong contender.


1 - Don't Say No
2 - Sunshine Day and Night
3 - Call Me
4 - Animal Waves
5 - Fly By Night