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Prism (Canada)



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Prism's debut release automatically struck a chord with Canadians, netting a number 23 hit in that country with "Spaceship Superstar," thanks to the bright, animated keyboard playing of John Hall. Produced by Bruce Fairbairn, 1978's Prism introduced the band's staunch, Journey-like arena rock sound, guided by vocalist Ron Tabak. The album sold relatively well in Canada, but went rather unnoticed throughout the U.S. or the rest of the world. Aside from the opening cut, "Open Soul Surgery" harbored a strong up-and-down rhythm, with Lindsay Mitchell's guitar emitting some favorable riffs. "It's Over" is a gorgeous, semi-sweet ballad, while "Take Me to the Kaptin" is in the same league as "Spaceship Superstar" as a distinguishable but synth-aided rocker. After the first four tracks, the album begins to wear a little thin, suffering from a routine, radio-rock feel and commonplace songwriting. "Freewill," "Julie," and "Amelia" end up sounding quite redundant, and it's evident that Prism puts all of their energy and vigor into the first half of the album. Tabak's singing is worthy of hearing, giving the album's filler a wee bit of promise, and is enough of an indication that Prism wasn't just another makeshift project, especially with Bruce Fairbairn as the band's producer. ~ Mike DeGagne