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Miley Cyrus

Plastic Hearts

Plastic Hearts

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Format: LP (2 disc)

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After all the stylistic shifts that have defined Miley Cyrus' career, on Plastic Hearts she reaches a balance -- but not a compromise. On She Is Coming, her wild-child antics felt like an equal and opposite reaction to Younger Now's twangy contemplation. This time, she doesn't go to either extreme: Plastic Hearts' mix of polished pop, country heart, and 1980s rock edge builds on her image instead of taking a wrecking ball to it. Once again, well-chosen collaborators help her set the stage for this era. The album's creative team included Mark Ronson, a producer who's as savvy and versatile as Cyrus herself, and Plastic Hearts' songs are full of stylish, witty details. Ronson and company get just the right gated drums and neon synth washes on songs like "Gimme What I Want," where the stomping beat harks back to Animotion's "Obsession." Since the beginning of her career, Cyrus' rock-tinged moments have been among her strongest, and Plastic Hearts is no exception. It's no surprise that "Midnight Sky," Cyrus' deeply affectionate homage to the tough-girl cool of Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen," became one of her biggest hits. It's joined on the album by "Night Crawling," a duet with Billy Idol that captures the over-the-top, black and red leather sexuality of his best-loved singles so convincingly, it's almost uncanny. By comparison, the Joan Jett collaboration "Bad Karma" feels almost subdued, yet the heat she and Cyrus generate is undeniable, and Angel Olsen's guitar solo helps propel it to standout status. "Prisoner" is another highlight, with Dua Lipa's cool tones providing the perfect contrast to Miley's raspy warmth. Plastic Hearts' quieter moments, like the pedal steel-laden power ballad "High," offer some of Cyrus' best vocal performances in a while, and feel just as true to the album's spirit. Similarly, "Golden G String," a contemplative synth-country mini-memoir, feels very on-brand even as it reflects her growth as a songwriter and singer. Passionate and self-aware, Plastic Hearts is easily the finest incarnation of Cyrus' music yet. ~ Heather Phares


Disc 1:
1 - WTF Do I Know
2 - Plastic Hearts
3 - Angels Like You
4 - Prisoner
5 - Gimme What I Want
6 - Night Crawling
7 - Midnight Sky
8 - High
Disc 2:
1 - Hate Me
2 - Bad Karma
3 - Never Be Me
4 - Golden G String
5 - Edge Of Midnight [Midnight Sky Remix]
6 - Heart Of Glass [Live from the iHeart Music Festival]
7 - Zombie [Live from the NIVA Save Our Stages Festival]