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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

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Format: LP

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Yes: Steve Howe (vocals, guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, banjo); Billy Sherwood (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Chris Squire (vocals, bass, harmonica); Alan White (vocals, drums, percussion); Jon Anderson (vocals).
Additional personnel: Igor Khoroshev, Steve Porcaro (keyboards).
Yes is a finely tuned machine that keeps on running like an antique car in mint condition. There is no reason for the band to change the signature features that make it what it is and make it great. On OPEN YOUR EYES classical guitars give way to sudden explosions of virtuoso electric solos; synthesizers soar off into the stratosphere and a dizzying array of incongruous elements all fall into line to create a symbiotic and unified sound.
But the jewels in the Yes crown are the ethereal vocals; the synchronized dissonant and concordant harmonies that at once conjure Gregorian chant, space travel, and the heavenly firmament itself. If the Sistine Chapel ceiling could sing out at you, it would probably sound like Yes. For fans, the pristine pedestal on which the band perches will remain soundly unshaken; OPEN YOUR EYES is exactly what they do best, just more of it. The lyrical theme is predominantly enlightenment, tolerance and abiding, unmarred hope. It's the alternative to alternative...disciplined, earnest and magical. For non-initiates OPEN YOUR EYES is a perfect eye-opener into the distinctive world of YES.