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The Residents

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Format: LP

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The Residents' mythology would have us believe that NOT AVAILABLE, recorded in 1974 but not released for four years, was actually the band's second album. As with all things Residents, this may or may not be true. This release stands in contrast to their other earliest albums in its fuller utilization of synthesizers.
The work consists of four long sections followed by an epilogue. This is an opera, of sorts, with recurring characters and themes. There's clearly a story afoot, but it's nearly impenetrable. A feeling of drama and plot is evoked rather than presented in a traditional linear and foreground manner. The extended length of the four parts allows for the inherent moodiness of this work to be fully realized. NOT AVAILABLE can make any night sound like Halloween night.


1 - Part One: Edweena
2 - Part Two: the Making of a Soul
3 - Part Three: Ship's A'going Down
4 - Part Four: Never Known Questions
5 - Epilogue