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The Holydrug Couple



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Format: LP

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From South America to Australia, if any message has been made abundantly clear, it's that the musical language of psychedelia is spoken pretty much everywhere. Existing on the dreamier end of the psychedelic spectrum, Chilean duo the Holydrug Couple pull listeners into a trippy world of their own making on Noctuary. Recorded at the band's home studio, the album exudes a sense of hominess and comfort, making the sonic journey contained within more of a relaxing mediation than a mind-expanding explosion. Despite its drifting nature, one of the more striking things about Noctuary is how concise the album it is. Coming in at just about 40 minutes, it doesn't really waste a lot of time on unnecessary indulgences, jumping straight to the point whenever possible without a whole lot of fuss. On a more Motorik record, this quality might come as feeling rushed, but the bluesy, more laid-back vibe of the Holydrug Couple makes it work for them. If there's anything that feels like it's missing from the album, it's a sense of texture. While the duo works in plenty of layers to each of their songs, the production feels at times like a missed opportunity to add another dimension of depth to the album. As an entryway into the burgeoning psych scene that's been developing in Chile, you couldn't ask for a more accessible album than Noctuary, and niggling issues aside, the Holydrug Couple's breezy, slow-motion beach party jams are something that psych fans will definitely want to explore for themselves. ~ Gregory Heaney


1 - Counting Sailboats
2 - Sailor
3 - Follow Your Way
4 - Out of Sight
5 - Red Moon
6 - Wonder
7 - Willoweed
8 - Paisley
9 - Wondered
10 - It's Dawning