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The Zero Boys

History of the Zero Boys

History of the Zero Boys

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When hardcore spread across the nation in the early '80s, there were few corners of the U.S. left unscathed. While everyone knows the names of coastal heroes like Black Flag and Minor Threat, bands that scorched the cornfields and battered factories of the Midwest went largely unheralded. Indianapolis's Zero Boys were one such overlooked outfit. So HISTORY OF is a revelation, portraying a band that stands proudly with the giants of the genre despite their low historical profile. The material fills in all the blanks left behind by their sole studio LP, VICIOUS CIRCLE, ensuring that their entire recorded output is available. The exhilarating music is rapid-fire hardcore, but studded with undercover pop melodies and served up with surprising musicianship. Bluesy hard rock licks color songs like "Johnny Better Get" and "Human Body," and whooshing walls of melodic electricity course through fast tracks like "Positive Change."


1 - Drive In
2 - Black Network News
3 - Splish Splash
4 - Inergy
5 - Johnny Better Get
6 - Dingy Bars
7 - Seen That Movie Before
8 - High Places
9 - Bloods Good
10 - Human Body
11 - Mom's Wallet
12 - Positive Change
13 - Amerika
14 - New Generation
15 - Livin' In the 80's
16 - Stoned To Death
17 - Stick To Your Guns
18 - I'm Bored
19 - Piece of Me