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Frank Black (Rock)

Fast Man Raider Man

Fast Man Raider Man

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Format: LP

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Whereas a lot of rock musicians lose luster as they age, others develop like fine wine: Frank Black is one of the latter. The intensity and surreal, fractured sensibility that characterized his best work with the Pixies has eased with time, but Black hasn't lost his knack for inventive, memorable songwriting, as 2006's FAST MAN RAIDER MAN, a sprawling double-album of genre-blending music, attests.
Like 2005's HONEYCOMB, FAST MAN RAIDER MAN traffics deeply in rootsy Americana, but mixes in healthy doses of rock, jazz, and R&B. There is a subtle, sophisticated warmth here, to which an all-star roster-- including Spooner Oldham, Chester Thompson, Buddy Miller, Al Kooper, and Levon Helm, among others--lends an unassailable authenticity. There are 27 songs, and the set is stylistically all over the map, but the whole coheres remarkably well, making for one of the artist's most adventurous and ultimately satisfying solo releases.