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Everything Is Wrong

Everything Is Wrong

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Format: LP

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Personnel: Moby (classical & electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, electric bass, drums, congas, programming); Mylm Rose, Kochie Banton, Nicole Zaray, Rozz Morehead, Saundra Williams, Mimi Goese (vocals).
Includes liner notes by Moby.
At some point, every musical movement produces a work so evocative, inclusive, and challenging that it stands out as a reference for what is best in an entire musical genre. EVERYTHING IS WRONG is the WHITE ALBUM of dance music. On this album, Moby's interests in techno, ambient, punk rock, and gospel mix together in a sonic stew of epic proportions that not only holds together, but seems perfectly natural.
As such, the beautifully moody "Hymn" is followed by the diva-driven "Feeling So Real," which is followed by the techno-punk of "All That I Need is To Be Loved." These tracks flow seamlessly together without a sense that genres are even being mixed, much less jumbled. But EVERYTHING's brilliance lies not so much in Moby's eclectic taste in rhythm and melody, but in the nuances of the vocals, most of which are contributed by a variety of female singers. In particular, Moby's collaborations with singer Mimi Goese on "Into the Blue" and "When it's Cold Out I'd Like to Die" are among the most revealing and humanistic moments in Moby's career. A masterpiece.


1 - Hymn
2 - Feeling So Real
3 - All That I Need Is To Be Loved
4 - Let's Go Free
5 - Every Time You Touch Me
6 - Bring Back My Happiness
7 - What Love
8 - First Cool Hive
9 - Into The Blue
10 - Anthem
11 - Everything Is Wrong
12 - God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
13 - When It's Cold I'd Like To Die