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Danzig 5: Blackacidevil

Danzig 5: Blackacidevil

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Format: LP

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This edition of BLACKACIDEVIL features different artwork from the original release.
Danzig: Glenn Danzig (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards); Joseph Bishara (keyboards, programming); Josh Lazie (bass); Joey Castillo (drums).
Additional personnel: Mark Chaussee, Jerry Cantrell (guitar).
Recorded at A&M Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California.
Glenn Danzig, the grand poobah of dark alternative music, has deigned here to release an album that moves beyond traditional metal scare tactics. His gothic croon is no longer out in front of the music; instead it has been scrunched up and distorted into a rusty howl. And urban dance beats and industrial-sounding guitars have been injected into these sinister songs.
With the new additions, the album exudes all the spooky acrimony you've come to expect from Mr. Danzig. But this is no longer the sound of a straight-up, pentagram-wearing, devil-worshipping band. Now Danzig conveys an underground kind of terror, something akin to the feeling you might get looking out over an abandoned industrial complex in a blackened metropolis.