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Erasure: Andy Bell (vocals); Vince Clark (various instruments).
Recorded at Polygone Studios, Toulouse, France and Chateau Du Pape, Hamburg, Germany.
1991's CHORUS was a transitional album, as Erasure built on the musical and lyrical advances of 1989's WILD! and reached towards the more melancholy, mature work of 1994's I SAY I SAY I SAY. Andy Bell exploits his remarkable vocal range throughout, moving effortlessly from a lower-register growl to falsetto wails. Similarly, Vince Clarke's melodies and arrangements integrate the Hi-NRG electronic beats and synthesizers of the band's earliest work with the more reflective, organic sound of their later releases.
The title track, a danceclub hit in both England and the United States, is a delight, but the more ruminative "Am I Right?" and "Breath of Life" are sturdier songs. Aside from the delightful tribute EP ABBA-ESQUE and the singles collection POP!, this was Erasure's last release for over three years.


1 - Chorus
2 - Waiting for the Day
3 - Joan
4 - Breath of Life
5 - Am I Right?
6 - Love to Hate You
7 - Turns the Love to Hate
8 - Siren Song
9 - Perfect Stranger
10 - Home