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The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Welcome to the Infant Freebase

Welcome to the Infant Freebase

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Format: LP

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That the Soundtrack of Our Lives originally envisioned their debut LP as a 50-song box set speaks volumes about Welcome to the Infant Freebase's creativity and scope -- although the completed album contains a mere 20 tracks, the band's dark, dramatic reconfiguration of rock & roll's elemental forces nevertheless echoes the majesty and ambitions of classic albums past. Opening with the brilliant "Mantra Slider," a serpentine epic which, along with the "Let's Spend the Night Together"-rewrite "Blow My Cool," evokes the Stones' late-60s efforts, Welcome to the Infant Freebase goes on to recall everyone from the Doors to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin, reinvigorating even the hoariest clichés while somehow managing to avoid the pitfalls of nostalgia; the key is that TSOOL never gives in to irony -- their affection for rock's traditions is genuine, and their desire to reinvent those traditions is pure. ~ Jason Ankeny