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Colin Blunstone

One Year

One Year

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Format: LP

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Colin Blunstone recorded his first solo album (after the Zombies broke up) in 1971, and it's wavered in and out of availability domestically ever since. While this 2007 re-release has no extras or refurbishments, it doesn't need to--it is a nearly perfect album of sweet ballads, gutsy rock, and even some blue-eyed soul. The sensitive arrangements, replete with strings, supports Blunstone's achingly lovely voice.


1 - She Loves The Way They Love Her
2 - Misty Roses
3 - Smokey Day
4 - Caroline Goodbye
5 - Though You Are Far Away
6 - Mary Won't You Warm My Bed
7 - Her Song
8 - I Can't Live Without You
9 - Let Me Come Closer To You
10 - Say You Don't Mind