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Kill The Flaw [Black & Cyan Vinyl] [Rocktober 2018 Exclusive]

Kill The Flaw [Black & Cyan Vinyl] [Rocktober 2018 Exclusive]

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Format: LP

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Returning to their heavy basics, Sevendust kicked out their 11th studio album Kill the Flaw largely in the studio -- a move that had the effect of reinvigorating the veteran nu-metal band. On the surface, it sounds a bit like a throwback to the days of Y2K -- dropped tunings on grinding guitars, fifth harmonies on overdriven power ballads -- but beneath that veneer, it's clear Sevendust are a different band, one that's a bit more mature. There's an ease to how they swing between open-ended, ethereal textures and gut-level riffs -- "Cease and Desist" is a microcosm of that skill -- that only comes with age and singer Lajon Witherspoon's voice is appealingly weathered, lending the music some gravity. All this means Kill the Flaw doesn't feel like a desperate scramble toward the Sevendust's roots; rather, it feels like a reconnection to what inspired the band in the first place. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine


1 - Thank You
2 - Death Dance
3 - Forget
4 - Letters
5 - Cease and Desist
6 - Not Today
7 - Chop
8 - Kill the Flaw
9 - Silly Beast
10 - Peace and Destruction
11 - Torched