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Friend Opportunity

Friend Opportunity

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Format: LP

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Although Deerhoof famously covered the seemingly uncoverable Shaggs gem "My Pal Foot Foot" early in their career, their overall vision has more in common with a different group of brilliantly amateurish women: the Raincoats. Now a trio--after the departure of guitarist Chris Cohen--the San Francisco avant-twee stalwarts inherit from the Raincoats not only a childish sweetness and daft charm, but also intricately layered and inspired musicianship. Despite the oddities, Deerhoof are no slouches.
FRIEND OPPORTUNITY continues their string of masterpieces--all the more impressive considering the mercurial line-up. Vocalist and bassist Satomi Matsuzaki, guitarist John Dieterich, and Greg Saunier remain the stalwarts here. "The Perfect Me," "+81," and "Matchbook Seeks Maniac" finds them perfecting the Deerhoof brew of stunted, off-kilter pop with bursts of experimentation that always sound organic and wank-free. "Believe ESP" adds elements of Minutemen-style funk into the mix, while "Kidz Are So Small" wraps a meandering Matsuzaki melody around a falling-down-the-stairs drum track. The album closes with "Look Away," a meditative epic--both rare qualities in the Deerhoof catalog--that the band nails with heartfelt aplomb.


1 - Perfect Me
2 - Choco Fight
3 - +81
4 - Believe E.S.P.
5 - Galaxist
6 - Makko Shobu
7 - Matchbook Seeks Maniac
8 - Cast Off Crown
9 - Kidz Are So Small
10 - Whither the Invisible Birds
11 - Look Away