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Times New Viking

Born Again Revisited

Born Again Revisited

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Format: LP

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Times New Viking could have freaked out on BORN AGAIN REVISITED. They got so much well-deserved praise from their previous album, RIP IT OFF, that it wouldn't have been surprising if they had either slicked up their no-fi sound in order to gain more widespread success or gone deeper into the noise rabbit hole and put out a polarizing, cruddy sounding album in an effort to stay underground. The trio did neither. In fact, they haven't changed much of anything sonically. The record sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom of a busy train station with the guitar and organ seriously overloaded, the drums one step above garbage can lids, and the vocals pushing the needle past red. The songs, too, are very similar with lots of hooks and strong melodies buried in the whoosh of sound. Importantly, there is enough energy and excitement in the sound and presentation to make BORN AGAIN REVISITED sound just as fresh and invigorating as RIP IT OFF.


1 - Martin Luther King Day
2 - I Smell Bubblegum
3 - City On Drugs
4 - Born Again Revisited
5 - Little World
6 - No Time, No Hope
7 - Half Day In Hell
8 - Something Moore
9 - 2/11 Don't Forget
10 - These Days
11 - (No) Sympathy
12 - High Holidays
13 - Hustler, Psycho, Son
14 - Move To California
15 - Take The Piss