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Alpha [2 LP White & Silver Vinyl] [Rocktober 2018 Exclusive]

Alpha [2 LP White & Silver Vinyl] [Rocktober 2018 Exclusive]

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Format: LP (2 disc)

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While all the alt-metal signifiers are firmly in place on Sevendust's sixth studio album--thrashy drumming, mesmerizing guitar heavyosity courtesy of Sonny Mayo--Sevendust stands apart from their peers in their attention to the rhythm. On songs like "Driven," chunky, riff-heavy verses burst into half-time choruses that ensnare and explode like land mines. Lajon Witherspoon's nuanced vocals also take surprising turns, from yowling to soul-baring crooning to something indefinably celestial. The band is not shy about adding the odd production touch here and there, like the bursts of rhythmic static mid-way through "Suffer," the effectively creepy spoken-word vocal intro to "Confession of Hatred," and hypnotic piano tinklings that precede the machine-gun guitars on "Aggression."


Disc 1:
1 - Deathstar
2 - Clueless
3 - Driven
4 - Feed
5 - Suffer
6 - Beg to Differ
Disc 2:
1 - Under
2 - Story of Your Life
3 - Confessions of Hatred
4 - Agression
5 - Burn
6 - Alpha